Reed Ferguson, Vice President, is a Co-Founder, partner and Contributing Senior Editor at iVoteAmerica. She currently studies economics at the University of Georgia.

iVoteGeorgia™ is proud to be up and running and ready to spread the message of personal liberty, free markets, and constitutionalism.

As a part of the iVoteAmerica National Network, iVoteGeorgia™ is dedicated to the election of principled constitutional conservatives at every level of government.

But our mission is not simply elections. We accept the challenge to address the great issues of our day with provocative, cutting-edge conservative analysis. More than the writing of opinion pieces, however important that is, we are connecting constitutional truth and the principles that have made America great to candidates to proudly call themselves conservatives.

The iVoteAmerica Creed is our instrument of illumination and by shining the spotlight of truth on issues and candidate, we believe we can stem the erosion of liberty and do our part to return the nation to its historic roots.

iVoteGeorgia™ is a part of The Next Generation of Conservatives and our national network is now operating in every state. We are attracting some of the most amazing young patriots who understand that their generation will bear the moral and financial burden of reckless spending and debt, the adoption of secular values and socialism, and finally, the loss of basic constitutional freedoms we have long taken for granted.

Please consider joining iVoteGeorgia™ where you can become a part of our growing team. Or, if you prefer, you can find a place within the iVoteAmerica National Network where you can lead, write, volunteer or, help us with marketing and other needs.

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