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Doctor Richard Winfield, a progressive candidate and philosophy professor at the University of Georgia, officially launched his campaign for the 10th Congressional District of Georgia in Jan. 2018.

His campaign team and UGA students are reaching out to the Athens community to volunteer and join his campaign. Irami Osei-Frimpong, a PhD student at UGA, sent the following email to a group of students he taught in previous classes.

As mentioned in the email, Osei-Frimpong and Winfield have a history of working together. Osei-Frimpong has published several YouTube videos to his channel of Winfield speaking, including a recent video where Winfield says, “The right to reproductive freedom is in a sense rounding our most fundamental right. Which is the right that separates us from slaves. The right to be the exclusive owners of our own body.”

Now, there is nothing wrong with reaching out to students to get politically involved and it is not unusual for advisors to send campaign related internship opportunities to students. However, it is unusual for any professor to blatantly endorse any candidate as “incredible” to his or her students.

It is worth noting that Osei-Frimpong did not use his official UGA email to disseminate this message, but this email is just another example of the progressive bias that is seen across campuses today.

As someone who studies ethics and the philosophy of education, perhaps he should have included a link to incumbent Congressman Jody Hice’s (R-GA) campaign page to provide his students with a balanced view.

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