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iVoteGeorgia Reed FergusonEducation, healthcare, and family are at the top of the list for issues most important for conservative Georgians.

We fear the encroachment of the federal government on our state’s sovereignty. We firmly believe that the best way to build our local communities is through restoring their power to them.

More than ever, Georgia conservatives are concerned about the role of government in our lives. It seems that government wants to influence and control every aspect of our lives. The growth of the federal bureaucracy has become a model for many on the left, including some of Georgia’s political elites.

I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited… As government expands, liberty contracts. – Ronald Reagan, 1982

iVoteGeorgia™ affirms the value and dignity of every human life and is committed to the politics of freedom in every aspect of our lives. We believe in the free market, the rights of the individual (including the unborn), personal responsibility, free will, and Americanism.

As a part of the iVoteAmerica national network, I am committed to addressing the issues facing Georgia voters, especially those that threaten our liberty and run counter to the United States Constitution. We watch the courts and monitor education, the budget, healthcare, and immigration.

When you visit iVoteGeorgia™, you will do so with the assurance that we are watching and addressing the issues impacting conservatives. We screen politicians to determine their true beliefs, and we endorse true, principled conservatives for elective office.

Please make us your resource for unfiltered truth and read with the full assurance that we are not politicians, bureaucrats, or lobbyists. We are Americans, and we stand proud to call ourselves just that.

Reed Ferguson, Editor
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Ronald Reagan Talks about the Dangers of Government Expansion

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Welcome to iVoteGeorgia™

We are one piece of the iVoteAmerica puzzle. iVoteGeorgia aims to provide Georgia voters with a cutting-edge conservative analysis of the state, local, and federal political trends.

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