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On Wednesday evening, Brian Kemp declared victory over his opponent, Stacey Abrams, earning nearly two million votes, breaking Georgia gubernatorial electorate records. Separated by a small margin of about 60,000 to 70,000 votes all night and all day, the Georgia gubernatorial candidates were in a ...
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Lucy McBath iVoteGeorgia

Democrats Claim the Georgia 6th

After Karen Handel's victory over Democrat Jon Ossoff in a special election last year, her midterm opponent, Lucy McBath, has pushed her out of her new seat in the House of Representatives. Separated by a .5 percent margin and about 3000 votes, the McBath campaign ...
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iVoteGeorgia Clay Tippins

A Principled Conservative for Governor

If you ask a Republican candidate for governor of Georgia how conservative he is, his response is quite predictably going to be, “Very.” But, if you ask him what it means to be a conservative, you might find him stumped. Navy SEAL, businessman, and Atlanta ...
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iVoteGeorgia Karen Handel

Karen Handel on the Power of Prayer

On Feb. 21, the University of Georgia College Republicans hosted Rep. Karen Handel of the Georgia 6th congressional district to speak on campus. Focusing the first half of her speech on the Parkland school shooting, Handel rightly called it “an extraordinary act of evil.” Most ...
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Beating Hearts and Bleeding-Heart Liberals

When Georgia's governor signs a bill protecting human life, Hollywood threatens the state with boycott. "Shame! Shame! Shame!” chanted the protesters in the Georgia House gallery. Hollywood followed suit, quickly denouncing the state legislature’s actions and threatening to boycott the film industry in Georgia. Others dressed up in the red gowns and white bonnets, evoking Margaret Atwood’s 1986 dystopian novel, ...
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iVoteGeorgia Doug Collins Music

Doug Collins Leads Copyright Law Reform

Despite the intense division in the current political arena, music remains a uniting force. Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., is leading a bipartisan effort to reform U.S. copyright law. Though there has been significant technological advancement in recent years, copyright law has largely remained stagnant, keeping songwriters locked in the 20th century. The regulations currently in place were set over a ...
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Susan Collins: Progressive in Disguise

Sen. Susan Collins is certainly consistent in her policy positions. If it involves the further growth of government, more spending, higher deficits, and intrusion into the personal lives of Americans, she is all for it. And a Democrat, she is not. The Conservative Review collects and collates the voting record of every member of the Senate and the House of Representatives, painstakingly analyzing their ...
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