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State Conservative Spotlight - Watching the Politicians

iVoteColorado Alien Law Photo by NewsInc
The State of Colorado continues to plunge itself into the liberal abyss of conformity and correctness. According to an article ...
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iVoteGeorgia Gov. Nathan Deal
There are some facts every Georgian conservative should know about Gov. Nathan Deal. It's true that when it came time ...
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Constitutional Conservatives

Our lawmakers stand by silently or, in some cases lend their support to a President who continues to bypass not only the authority of Congress but the US Constitution itself, issuing fiats and edicts.

America is reaching the tipping point. As we continue to abandon the principles that have guided the nation for two centuries, we will eventually turn over control of our liberty to an out-of-control, centralized and power seeking elite in Washington DC.

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Convention of the States

We support Mark Levin's call for a Convention of the States under Article 5 of the Constitution.

It has become clear the Washington establishment is incapable of reforming itself and is steeped in a culture of self-perpetual empowerment at the cost of the electorate. Our call is for a "NEW" generation of conservatives to rise up and create change. Find out more... read the BOOK REVIEW of Levin's Liberty Amendments.

Support Us for the Convention of the States


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